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Dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights, privileges, and freedoms, we all share as Americans


ACFP advocates for individuals with arrest records, criminal convictions, or those who were previously incarcerated. In the United States, one out of every three adults has a criminal record.  Those branded with a felonious scarlet letter will be routinely denied employment, education, and housing opportunities.  The stigma associated with an arrest, conviction or confinement record also will impact parental rights, such as custody and visitation.  Disenfranchisement, or the denial of a legal right or privilege such as voting, is generally of lesser importance, in comparison to the major issues of homelessness, unemployment, or the severance of a parent-child relationship. 

We believe that providing the aforementioned one in three adults the tools necessary for reintegration, rehabilitation, or a second chance,  will do more than reduce recidivism and give tax incentives.  We believe that we can give individuals the opportunity to choose a better, more meaningful life by learning from prior mistakes and giving back to the community as productive members of society.


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